Heather Halley


Heather Halley


Heather Halley is an American actress and voice actress who provides the voice for Betty Boop in Betty Boop Dance Card. Heather Halley also confirmed that she had provided the voice for Betty Boop after being mistaken for Desirée Goyette in Betty Boop Dance Card


  • Heather Halley: "Mae Questel is the one and only original Betty Boop. Desiree is a very talented lady. Really enjoyed her in The Romance of Betty Boop."
  • Heather Halley: "Honored to be voicing Betty Boop this May 2014 iphone/ipad game app."
  • Heather Halley: "I am thrilled... I cannot wait. What a great honor, I pray Mae Questel would approve."
  • Heather Halley: "I was very fortunate to voice Betty Boop. It was for an incredible game called, The Betty Boop Dance Card. To see my name next to these classic legends,  such as my favorite, Mae Questel... pretty much blew me away, and I can definitely say, a check off of my bucket list."
  • Heather Halley: "Funny story... I went to school to with Mae's Great Niece Tracy. She found out about me voicing Betty... and of course... I had to have her approval. Thank you Tracy... who has become a dear friend of mine.  And to the wonderful folks over at, Fowl Moon Productions. Betty... you will always be a legend, and my muse."

Known work as Betty Boop


  • Heather Halley is a big fan of Betty Boop and was honored to have voiced her.
  • Camilla Bard provides the singing voice for Betty Boop.


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