Heeza Rat
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Heeza Rat/ Phillip the Fiend






Heeza Rat is a minor character who appears as the villain inShe Wronged Him Right & No! No! A Thousand Times No! & Betty Boop's Prize Show. In She Wronged Him Right, Heeza plays the role of the evil landlord. Betty doesn't have the money to pay the mortgage, so  Heeza Rat threatens to foreclose unless Betty agrees to marry him. Heeza threatens Betty in various ways until the handsome and muscular Fearless Fred comes to her rescue.  In No! No! A Thousand Times No! Betty is performing on-stage with her boyfriend Fearless Fred, in an old-fashioned melodrama. Heeza ties up Fred and tempts Betty with diamonds and fur, but she replies by singing the title song. The villain kidnaps Betty and escapes in his balloon, but is eventually caught by Fred and forced to release Betty.  In Betty Boop's Prize Show Heeza plays a outlaw in a melodrama at the Slumbertown Theatre where Fred is the sheriff and Betty is a school-marm. 


  • Heeza Rat: "Well my fair one my time has come." (She Wronged Him Right)
  • Heeza Rat: "A beauty, I'll have her in my powerful side soon!"(Betty Boop's Prize Show)
  • Heeza Rat: "What do ya say toots?" (No! No! A Thousand Times No!)
  • Heeza Rat: "Marry me or be my wife!" (She Wronged Him Right)
  • Heeza Rat: "You shall have diamonds like those sparkling eyes of yours!" (No! No! A Thousand Times No!)
  • Heeza Rat: "I've got her in my power now!" (She Wronged Him Right)
  • Heeza Rat:"I'm waiting now for you to say I love you more and more and more dear, your looking younger everyday you never were so sweet before dear!"  (She Wronged Him Right)

Phillip the Fiend


In Betty Boop's Prize Show Heeza's name has been changed to Phillip the Fiend.


  • Heeza Rat only plays a villian in a melodrama, in fact he is actually a Actor.
  • The character only made three appearances in the Betty Boop cartoon series.
  • His rival is Fearless Fred.
  • He was based on villains who appeared in films.
  • Heeza Rat has a slight resemblance to Wacky Racers, Dick Dastardly who was also based on film villains.