"Hello Beautiful"


My Wife's Gone to the Country



C'mon big boy leave me alone

Hello beautiful

How'd you get so beautiful


Atta boy

Oh lookie now buddy bear

I feel dizzy...

Hello beautiful



Bimbo's Initation



Hello beauitful

How'd ya get so beautiful

Must been the sunshine in your smile

Betty Boop:

I'm not so beautiful

You only think I'm beautiful

You'll only think so for a while


Have me or you some kind of baby

Or well that's a yes or no or maybe

Oh, hello beautiful

How can you be beautiful

And still be mothers angel child

Stopping the Show

Maurice Chevalier: Can you imitate me Betty Boop?

Betty Boop: I think so...

Maurice Chevalier: Then do it and do it right now!

Betty Boop: Right now Chevalier!


* Betty sings with a French accent

Hello, beautiful! 

How'd you get so beautiful? 

How'd you get that sunshine in your smile?

Oh me, beautiful, 

Where you going, beautiful? 

How'd you like to romance for awhile... oh?

Oh, when you're near, what joy and cheer you're bringing

Can't you hear the bees and birdies singing?

Oh, yes!

Oh, hello, beautiful! 

How can you be beautiful, 

And still be mother's angel child?

Hello, beautiful!

Fifty million Frenchmen can't be wrong!


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