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Honest True and Love
Honest Love And True


Honest True and Love

Betty comes across a sign for a "Singer Wanted" in a saloon. She takes the sign and goes into the saloon to apply for the position.  Betty then sings a song a la Helen Morgan on stage. After she finishes up her performance the curtains come down. A Mountie watches Betty through a window.  Betty continues singing, she sees the Hero off stage and strikes a love-smitten attitude as hearts emanate from her to him. A villain intrudes. Betty faints. The villain runs in grabs her and runs out. The Hero handcuffs the villain. Betty comes in, and they kiss. Curtain, with baby carriage on it, comes down. Curtain goes up. Betty and Hero start bowing. Curtain goes down, their heads crashing through, making it look like they are in baby carriage. Mountie sends villain into airplace spin. The plane crashes.



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  • This is one of the lost Betty Boop cartoons, However it was listed in Films Incorporated's 16mm film rental catalog from 1942-1943.
  • The lost cartoon was discovered in the Netherlands by animation historian Dave Gerstein.
  • The film was restored from a 16mm mute print by UCLA Film & Television Archive with funding provided by The Packard Humanities Institute. 
  • Betty Boop has an alternative hairstyle.

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