"How Do You Do?"



Everyone how do you do?

The cook in the kitchen and the dutchess too,

The doormouse and the teapot and the mad hatter too.

How do you do?


Everyone no matter who, the Ascot Lady and the children too,

The walrus and the lobsters and the nice oysters too say how are you?


There are strange little people in this place I find...

But I hope you'll treat me the same as any of your kind,

Oh, you and you and you and you!

The king in the palace and the princess too the turtle in the water and the lion in the zoo,

How do you,

Poop Poop a Doop !



I Love You How Do You Do by Betty Boop (Song Only)01:11

I Love You How Do You Do by Betty Boop (Song Only)


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