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I Wanna Be Loved by You is a song written by Herbert Stothart and Harry Ruby , with lyrics by Bert Kalmar , for the 1928 musical "Good Boy".  It was chosen as one of the Songs of the Century  in a survey made by the RIAA in which 200 people responded (out of 1300 asked). One of Marilyn Monroe's  most famous musical performances is her singing it in Billy Wilder's classic farce Some Like It Hot in which she played a character by the name of Sugar Kane.

I Wanna Be Loved By You (Betty Boop's Version)


I wanna be loved by you just you and nobody else but you

I wanna be loved by you alone


I wanna be kissed by you just you and nobody else will do

I wanna be kissed by you alone

I couldn't aspire to anything higher

Then fill a desire to make you my own


I wanna be loved by you

Just you and nobody else but you

I wanna be loved by you alone


Song Origin

The song was first performed in 1928 by Helen Kane also known as Helen Sugar Kane in broadway, who became known as the Boop-Boop-a-Doop Girl because of her baby-talk, scat-singing tag line to that song. This version was recorded right when Kane's popularity started to reach its peak, and became her signature song. Two years later, a cartoon character named Betty Boop was modeled after Kane. Betty Boop performs this number in the 1985 animated film The Romance of Betty BoopIn 1950, the song was a highlight of the Kalmer-Ruby biopic Three Little Words (1950), performed by Debbie Reynolds and Carleton Carpenter as Helen Kane and vaudeville performer Dan Healy. Helen Kane dubbed the vocal for Reynolds’ voice.  

Ringtone Version (Mobile Phone)

  • Betty Boop: I Wanna Be Loved By You & Only You! Hehe!!! Boop-Oop-a-Doop!


  • The song is also sometimes known as I Want to Be Loved By You.
  • The title of the song is used as one of Betty's main quotes.
  • The song was recorded by Sandy Fox for Betty Boop's store & Toon Lagoon at Universal Studios. And was re-recorded several years later by Fox for Chantilly Lane's Betty Boop TM & Pudgy (2015).
  • The song is performed by Desirée Goyette in The Romance of Betty Boop.
  • Was performed by Bernadette Peters on The Saturday Night Live show.
  • Betty would have performed the song in the 1993 MGM film feature with vocal by Bernadette Peters but the film was cancelled.

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