In Our Little Wooden Shoes
In Our LIttle Wooden Shoes Mae Questel03:18

In Our LIttle Wooden Shoes Mae Questel


"In Our Little Wooden Shoes"

"In Our Little Wooden Shoes"


Have you seen my new shoes?

They are made out of wood,

Such nice little shoes,

Don't you think they look good?


I can dance all around,

With the greatest of ease,

I can jump to the ground to the top of the trees.


I'll tell you something I'm going to try,

Put on your shoes and away we'll fly.

We'll take a trip,

Where ever we choose,

We'll dance and skip,

In our little wooden shoes.

How many miles will you travel with me?

One mile or,

Two miles,

Or maybe three?

We'll make a stop where ever we choose,

We'll skip and hop in our little wooden shoes.

And now my little dutch children we dance.


Linda ' n Zelda 'n  Hansel 'n Gretel.

We love to dance with a skip and a jump,

And hear our shoes go.

Plinky plinky plinky plonk!

One two three,

One two three,

Round we go!

Laughing and singing a merry'o!

Come join our dance,

And chase away the blues.

We'll skip and hop,

In our little wooden shoes.

* Instrumental

Everybody all together,

Wasn't our journey a nice holiday.

We'll take another some other day,

We'll take a trip where ever we choose.

We'll dance and skip,

In our little wooden.



Gilly gilly gilly!

Wish wash wash!



In our little wooden shoes.

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