Indian Chief
Indian Cheif


Indian Chief






Indian Chief's Wife

Voiced by

Jack Mercer

First Appearance

Rhythm on the Reservation

Last Appearance

Rhythm on the Reservation

The Indian Chief is a minor character who appears in Rhythm on the Reservation. When Betty Boop arrives on the scene the Chief is instantly infatuated with her.


  • Indian Chief: "Me give um tomtom!"
  • Indian Chief: "Uh-oh! Me gotta go, so long um!"
  • Indian Chief: "So long um everybody!"


  • Flirts with Betty on numerous occasions much to his wifes dislike.
  • When he plays the saxaphone for Betty his wife jumps from behind a rock and chases him with her axe.
  • When he tries to run away with Betty his wife lassos him and spanks him like she is playing a drum.
  • The character is similar to Big Chief Ugh-Amugh-Ugh a character that appeared in a Popeye cartoon, who takes an interest in Olive Oyl. Some of the scenes from that cartoon were also reused in the Betty Boop episode which featured the Chief, both cartoons were released in 1938. 

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