Indian Chief's Wife
Indian Cheifs Wife


Indian Chief's Wife






Indian Chief

Voiced by

Margie Hines

First Appearance

Rhythm on the Reservation

Last Appearance

Rhythm on the Reservation

The Indian Chief's wife is a minor character who appears in Rhythm on the Reservation. She runs the "Wigwam Beauty Shoppe". She does not like hwe husband flirting with Betty and gets extremely jealous. Betty is none the wiser and replies by saying "Oh, what's a matter with her?".


  • Indian Cheif's Wife: "Customer make um buy!"
  • Indian Cheif's Wife: "Ugh!" (Snatches tomtom from Betty)


  • When her husband offers to give Betty a tomtom (Drum) for free, she snatches the drum from Betty.
  • Chases her husband with an axe when he dances with Betty.
  • When her husband tries to run away with Betty she spanks him like a drum.

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