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Cousin irving








Betty Boop (Cousin)

Voiced by

Pinto Colvig

First Appearance

The Impractical Joker

Last Appearance

The Impractical Joker (Cartoon) Betty Boop's Double Shift (Game)

 Betty Boop's cousin Irving, makes his appearance in The Impractical Joker. he plays quite a few horrible tricks on Betty. Irving Squirts water in Betty's face when he first arrives at her home, then he pretends to gives her some candy which has a monster in the box, which scares Betty, while Betty is baking her cake in the kitchen, he smokes his cigar by her, which forms the shape of a snake, which scares Betty yet again. Irving then pretends he is being strangled, but Betty finds out its himself pretending to strangle himself. Betty gets really upset and calls for Grampy to sort him out with one of his inventions. Grampy out smarts Irving with his inventions, Irving is then thrown out of the house. Both Betty & Grampy celebrate with the cake that Betty had baked, but it blows up into their faces, to which Irving replys through the window "How'd you like that", and he bursts out laughting until the picture of a ship beside him (one of Grampys inventions) comes to life and squirts water into his mouth.


  • Irving visits Betty's house uninvited.
  • Betty Boop mutters to herself in the kitchen after Irving plays his tricks on her she can be heard saying, "Silly people coming around and fooling and joking".
  • When Irving ask's if he can smoke, Betty replys "Dont care if you burn".
  • Grampy lives on the top floor of Betty's home, his door is entitled Proffesor Grampy.
  • Irving appears in the Nintendo DS game Betty Boop's Double Shift as customer/slob.
  • The Prop Man who appears in Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery seems to be based on Irving's character design. 
  • Irving's voice was provided by Pinto Colvig, the voice of Goofy.

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