"Is That The Human Thing to Do?"




Sing for us!

Betty Boop:

I can't sing...



Betty Boop:


Betty Boop: 

I never thought,

That anyone,

In their right mind.

Could ever treat, 

Another human,

So unkind.

Didn't ya kidnap me,

And leave my friends behind.

Is that the human thing to do?

Now I'm not trying to patch things up,

What's been done must be,

Aww, gee I wouldn't even treat a pup...

The way you treated me!

Now you keep me here,

And you won't let me free.

And when I begged ya,

For a little sympathy.

Didn't ya even try to,

Hi-De-Hi-De me!

Is that the human thing to do?


  • Sung by Mae Questel.
  • The song is originally titled "Was That the Human Thing to Do".
  • Features Cab Calloway's "Hi-De-Hi" scat lyrics in song.

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