It Happened Last Night (1951)

Tokyo, Sept, 13 - It's not that I wanted to see a geisha girl myself, but I knew you would, so I arranged a sukiyaki party. Yes, anything you YOU, dear reader, on our round-the-world hop, Tokiko, Tama, and Kohiro were the geishas' names, and also one who spoke English called Betty Boop. "Why Betty Boop?" I asked her, and with a smile and a head toss, she said, "I don't want to talk" - but I heard a General named her that. The geishas joined us almost as soon as we took off our shoes, put on slippers and walked into the Shinkuraku Restaurant. The geishas wore kimonos and silly sashes that are supposed to help their figures. Somebody has said that a Japanese girl looks like a Coca-Cola bottle walking. The geishas bowed very low and respectfully to we menfolk. "Am I supposed to bow back?" I asked a fellow. He said no - the Japanese women love to be humble. We all sat down on the floor and started eating rice and raw fish heads all but the geishas who served and made jokes in Japanese and waved their fans coyly, and giggled.