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Kate Wright was a voice actress who provided the voice for the animated cartoon character Betty Boop. Kate Wright's vocals in the cartoon series can be heard in 1933 and 1938. Wright could be seen in person in the 1934 Fleischer Victory Newsreel, "Boop-Oop-a-Dooping" to the song "Don't Take My Boop-Oop-A-Doop Away" alongside Mae Questel, Margie Hines, Bonnie Poe and Ann Rothschild. It was also stated in the "Betty Boop Biography" that Kate Wright and Little Ann Little had also entered RKO contests held by Paramount Pictures that were sponsored by 1920s star Helen Kane.

Songs Performed by Kate Wright as Betty Boop

Victor Records

Kate Wright also recorded two songs for Victor in 1929, where she is credited as Catherine Wright.


  • BVE-57147 "Widmung" 11/15/1929
  • BVE-57148 "My Lovely Celia" 11/15/1929

Columbia Records

The Mystery Girl

In 1929 Kate Wright recorded as "The Mystery Girl" for Columbia Records anonymously. The artist was later revealed to have been Kathryn Wright/Catherine Wright by discographers. The recordings were Columbia Records crafty attempt to cash in on Helen Kane's popularity as a rival to the Victor Company. The label issued four sides by a anonymous artist called The Mystery Girl. So few sides released suggests that this attempt to exploit Helen Kane's fame was not successful. Wright would provide the vocals for Betty Boop when Betty's main three voice actresses were unavailable.

The Mystery Girl Review

In 1985, The Mystery Girl recordings were reviewed in the paper:

"Much less ethical was the brief appearance of "The Mystery Girl" also in 1929 a shamelessly Boopish approach with no holds barred. This was out-and-out copying and in some ways the mystery girl out-Boops the original (Helen Kane). Her dizzy testimonial, "Do I know What I'm Doing", and the fabulous "I'd do Anything For You" are shining gems of rinky-dink charm. Halfway through this latter tune she's even agreeing to babies, even though, like turnips she can't stand em. I was also thrilled by her version Fats Waller's "I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling". Her whining little voice wrings out the sweet words just so. The liner notes speculate that this Mystery Gal was none other than Kate Wright, one of the several women who's voices were used for the voice of Betty Boop in the films."

"Do I Know What I'm Doing?" (1929)

Kate Wright - Do I Know What I'm Doing? (1929)

Kate Wright - Do I Know What I'm Doing? (1929)

Kate Wright as The Mystery Girl

Other Voices

  • Buzzy Boop (as Buzzy Boop)
  • Mice (Pudgy the Watchman)

The Mystery Girl Recordings


N.Y, May 14,1929

N.Y., Jul 9, 1929

Kathryn Wright Appearing At Happy's Tavern on Myrtle Ave (1937)

Kathryn Wright 1937 Betty Boop

Conway, the spy reports that Kathryn Wright, the original Betty Boop girl is now appearing at Happy's Tavern on Myrtle Ave after a triumphant tour of the West says Conway. Sounds like a praise-agent.






  • Kate Wright did the least voice-over for the animated character Betty Boop.
  • Wright sang as Betty Boop in three 1933 cartoons, but did not sing in any of the 1938 cartoons.
  • Most of her voice-over work with the Fleischer Studios is unknown due to the fact that in most of the original cartoons, all voice over artists were uncredited.
  • Wright provided the voice for Betty's cousin Buzzy in the Betty Boop feature Buzzy Boop, due to the fact that Mae Questel had refused to move with the studios and quit voicing Betty in 1938. It is unknown if Kate Wright returned to her role as Buzzy in the last cartoon to feature the character, entitled Buzzy Boop at the Concert, due to the fact that Bonnie Poe had provided a few voice overs around 1938, before Margie Hines took over from the short Sally Swing and finished the series voicing Betty in 1938-1939.
  • When Wright reprised her role as Betty in 1938, she did not perform any musical numbers as she had done previously in 1933.
  • Kate Wright was also known as Kathryn/Catherine, and as "Aunt Kitty" by close friends and family.
  • Information about Kate Wright recording as the anonymous artist known as The Mystery Girl was uncovered by discographers in the late 1980s.
  • She also provided the voice for Olive Oyl in one or two 1938 cartoon shorts, where she did an imitation of ZaSu Pitts. 

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