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Kyla Strada

Kayla Strada was born and raised in Sydney, Austraia, Kayla Strada found a love for the performing arts at the early age but didn't start performing professionally until the age of 15.  Since then she has accomplished many triumphs in projects across Australia and abroad, In 2010, Kayla embarked on an acting journey that would lead her to Singapore and working with worlds largest movie and theme park company, Universal Studios. Kayla also played a small part in the TV series Deadly Women in 2010 episode 1 "Gypsy". She also played a victim in Alien Termite a short film and Nancy in Cold Milk. Kayla also performed on stage in shows such as Grimm's Tales, HONK!, Alladdin, Alice in Wonderland, West Side Story, High School Musical

Kayla Strada as Betty Boop (2010-2013)

Kyla Strada as Betty Boop Singapore

Kayla portrayed Betty Boop at Universal Studios Singapore. She can be seen in a video stating the following: "Listen Mr Director! I'm a Hollywood icon and I've got the curves of a real star! Boopy-Doopy-Doopy-Doo-Boop-Oopy-Doo!"


In 2013 Kayla will be reguiding her path and plans on pursuing her life long dream of acting by journeying to the land where dreams come true, Hollywood, California.


Kayla Strada - Betty Boop

Kayla Strada - Betty Boop



  • When dressed up as Betty Boop she slightly resembles Rachel Copeland.
  • According to her bio she beat out thousands of other contestants from around the world when she had auditioned for Universal Studios and was awarded for the role of the iconic character, Betty Boop.