"Keep In Style"


In this age of great creation

Everyday's a revelation

Their inventing things worth while

Telephone and television

Has their day of indecision

Doubting folks would smile

Take the aeroplane when it first began

It was called insane by most every man

The inventors good intention bring a lot of new invention

And we have to keep in style



It will cost you but a trifle

You can give your friends an eyeful

If you want to keep in style

Take the things you have and change them

You just have to rearrange them

If it takes fine feather to make fine birds

You can be the same in so many words

For the arts in you possession

To create a good impression

And you'll always be in style

And you'll always be in style


You don't have to be a big millionaire

you can show them that you know what to wear

Put a little dip and dashing

For a smile for it's the fashion

And you'll always be in smile



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