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LeAnne Broas's first voice-over gig was to portray Betty Boop for the Dan-e commercial in 2010. Dan-e is a new nutritional supplement, is on the U.S. market unlike any that has ever been created. It was formulated by gynecologists especially for women and is backed by an independent double-blind placebo controlled study of thousands of women. It lets moms and women of all experience more energy, and more positive energy, every day and every night, plus lessened irritability, reduced PMS & Menopause symptoms and a new, happier, invigorated outlook on life. The product is also all-natural and affordable. 


Why Betty Boop? Betty Boop is confident, carefree and sassy, making her the most recognizable icon of the healthy, sexy energy that Dan-e™ is all about. For 80 years Betty has been a symbol of self-confidence and is still going strong, inspiring women to kick up their heels and Live Life™.

Betty Boop Approves Dan-e You Gotta Have Pep!01:41

Betty Boop Approves Dan-e You Gotta Have Pep!


Dan-e LeAnne Broas as Betty Boop (2010)01:01

Dan-e LeAnne Broas as Betty Boop (2010)


  • LeAnne specializes and adores singing.
  • She can also play guitar.


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