Lecherous Old Man
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Lecherous Old Man






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Kitty From Kansas City

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Chess Nuts

The Lecherous Old Man is a character can be seen in a majority of the early Talkartoons & Screen Songs. He makes two major appearances in the Betty Boop cartoons. He appears in as Kings in Mask-a-Raid & Chess Nuts, fighting for Betty's effections against Bimbo the dog. In Mask-a-Raid, he wants Betty to be his Queen of the Masquerade Ball, he has a duel with Bimbo, only to win, but Betty Boop who saves Bimbo dressed up as a knight asks Bimbo to marry her. In Chess-Nuts Betty is his Queen of the chess board, but she wants to be with Bimbo. Betty is then saved by Bimbo, who defeats the old man in battle.


  • Old Man: "The train was supposed to go yesterday but is going today!" (Kitty From Kansas City)
  • Old Man: "Tickle Tickle!" (Mask-A-Raid)
  • Old Man: "Papa's Baby!" (Mask-A-Raid)
  • Old Man: "Hey! Stay where you belong! No more of this!" (Chess Nuts)
  • Old Man: "Can't you see the love light in my eyes...huh?" (Chess Nuts)



  • He can be seen in Kitty From Kansas City as the train driver, who ends up getting punched in the face by Kitty. And appears in a number of early Talkartoons from 1931-1932.
  • The character is portrayed as a king twice in the official Betty Boop series.
  • Betty cuts off his long beard in Mask-a-Raid, because he groped her legs with it. What's interesting is that Betty only cuts half of his beard off, he is then clean-shaven for the rest of the cartoon. He is also clean shaven in Chess Nuts.
  • He is called Kingy in Chess Nuts, other times he is a nameless old man who appears in the background. 
  • The character might have been designed on one of the animators.

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