Leslie Cabarga
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Leslie Cabarga

Leslie Cabarga is a cartoonist who was inspired by the black and white Betty Boop cartoons. His search led him from New Jersey to New York, to Brooklyn, to San Francisco to Hollyood California, and also to Hollywood, Florida. The result of his four year search for answers was the publication of "The Fleischer Story". In addition to simply writing and designing The Fleischer Story which resurrected the memory of Max Fleischer and his talented brothers, Leslie resurrected Betty herself.


  • In the 1970s he designed the first lines of Boop ceramics for Vandor Imports.
  • Cabarga met with Mae Questel and Little Ann Little on separate occasions to get information on how they had got the role of Betty Boop, both women signed an autograph for Cabarga. 
  • In the 1980s he did Boop stickers and products for Lisa Frank and began a series of Boop greeting cards for Paper Moon and Pop Shots.
  • There were 44 Paper Moon cards and 4 for Pop Shots, which were the first Boop products to hit the modern market since the 1930s.