Lola DaVille
Lola Deville


Lola Daville






Voiced by

Jodi Carlisle

First Appearance

Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery

Last Appearance

Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery

Lola DaVille is a Hollywood movie star who appears in Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery, in which Lola holds her annual costume ball. When the lights go out, Lola's diamond necklace disappears and Betty Boop is found holding a gun. Lola accuses Betty of stealing it and the latter is arrested by the police and taken to jail. Betty's friends Koko and Bimbo break her out, and they set off to solve the mystery.  Once the real culprits Sam Slade and Miss Green are found, Lola DaVille collects her diamond necklace and fires Miss Green from her role as her personal secretary. 


  • Lola DaVille: "Miss Green send an autographed photo to that clown!"
  • Lola DaVille: "How dare you steal my treasure you little guttersnipe!"
  • Lola DaVille: "Somebody call the police..."
  • Lola DaVille: "You ungrateful baggage!


  • Koko the Clown has a crush on her.
  • Lola's head is shaped like a heart, and she also sports heart-shaped glasses.
  • Lola DaVille appears in a parody of Gone with the Wind entitled Gone with the Breeze.
  • Her head is shaped like a heart.