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Lulu Belle appears in the 1931 Screen Song entitled Any Little Girl That's a Nice Little Girl. Casanova Cat, with a girlfriend for each day of the week, visits his favorite. When Lulu Belle appears "Oh! You Beautiful Doll!" plays in the background. Lulu then sings "What Wouldn't I Do For That Man". Lulu has a feline appearance and is being courted by a would-be feline Lothario. Any Little Girl That's a Nice Little Girl is classed as a Betty Boop cartoon and is listed on Betty Boop: The Definitive Collection.


  • Lulu Belle: "What wouldn't I do for that man."
  • Lulu Belle: "Oh, What wouldn't I do for that man!"
  • Lulu Belle: "What!? TAKE THAT!"


  • Lulu Belle is often mistaken for Betty Boop but is a complete different character.
  • Lulu Belle's image gets mixed up with Dolly Prance (a Betty Boop prototype) during the image sequence.
  • Her speaking voice is provided by Billy Murray whereas her singing voice is provided by a uncredited female voice-over/singer.