Making Stars


Making Stars

Making Stars

Making Stars


 Making Stars (1935)

Betty Boop introduces the stars of the future in a stage revue where she introduces the stars of tomorrow, a series of performing babies. The acts include The Colorful Three, Quintuplets, an Asian baby marksman, and a bouncing Russian baby named Little Miss Trotsky.


  • Betty Boop: "Our first bright star to appear in our show is a red hot drummer boy watch him go!"
  • Betty Boop: "The next act is gonna be the triplets called the colorful three and the things they do, open your eyes there really terrific in spite of their size."
  • Betty Boop: "Watch this one he's adorable!"
  • Colorful Three's Sister: "Hi-De-Hi-De-Ho!"
  • Colorful Three's Mother: "Shhhh!"


Cast & Crew 

  • Mae Questel as Betty Boop, Babies
  • Max Fleischer (Producer)
  • Dave Fleischer (Director)
  • Myron Waldman (Animator)
  • Edward Nolan (Animator)
  • Herman Cohen (Animator)
  • Hicks Lokey (Animator)
  • Lillian Friedman (Animator)
  • Frank Endres (Animator)
  • Ted Vosk (Animator)
  • Sam Stimson (Animator)


Censored Scene 


The Colorful Three were removed in DVD releases in the early 2000s and white-washed in the final scene.


In new DVD releases they were restored.



  • Was released on the 18th of October in 1935.
  • Was one of the several banned Betty Boop cartoons due to the stereotypical depiction of African-Americans.
  • Several babies that perform on stage start to cry after performing, and several are lured off stage by bottles, candy or watermelons.
  • The Colorful Three sing Cab Calloway's signature "Hi-De-Ho" on stage, whilst performing behind a curtain with scenery depicting a cotton field.
  • The Colorful Three's mother and sister can be seen in the audience, their sister begins to cry so the mother gives her some watermelon, which she spits into the head of the man who is sitting in front of them.