"Male Chauvinist Pig"



Are you outta your mind Betty!

A woman president? 

That's worse than women playing sports!

Wanna hear a song about it?!

Not particularly, but you're gonna sing it anyway. Aren't you?

If God would have wanted women in sports,

He would have made them much stronger.

We can run a lot faster and jump much higher and hold our breath a lot longer.

And I see where women got themselves in a whole women's team,

I say let them play the Dallas Cowboys that'll put an end to their dream.

I'm just a red blooded hard working all American male chauvinist pig.

And I go,

Oink, oink, oink!

And I go,

Oink, oink, oink!

Real loud,

Good and proud.

I know why the women are gaining control,

It's got to be the communist party.

With the women in charge them commies know they can win without firing a shot.

They got women doctors and women lawyers and women in the government.

And now my own daughter is telling me she wants a woman for president.

Put that back on!