"Male Chauvinist Pig"



Are you outta your mind Betty? A woman president! 

That's worse than playing sports!

Wanna hear a song about it?

If God would have wanted women in sports

He would have made them much stronger

We can run a lot faster and jump much higher and hold our breath a lot longer

And i see where women got themselves in a whole womens team

I say let them play the Dallas Cowboys that'll put an end to their dream

I'm just a red blooded hard working all American male chauvinist pig

And I go

Oink, oink, oink 

And I go

Oink, oink, oink

Real loud

Good and proud

I know why the women are gaining control 

It's got to be the communist party

With the women in charge them commies know they can win without firing a shot

They got women doctors and women lawyers and women in the government

And now my own daughter is telling me she wants a woman for president

  • (Phonograph-Mr Boop is turned off by his wife)

Put that back on!

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