Mariko Mukai
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Mariko Mukai

Mariko Mukai (向井 真理子); born on October 13, 1937) is a Japanese voice actress from Tokyo.  Mariko provided the voice for Betty Boop (ベティ·ブープ) in the dubbed Japanese Betty Boop cartoons as Betty Boop from the 1960s-1970s. She is best known for voicing Midori Yamabuki in the 1980's Anime Dr Slump and Arale-chan.

Other voices (Anime)

  • Mahou Tsukai Sally
  • Dr Slump & Arale
  • Dragonball
  • Dragonball Z
  • Urusei Yatsura
  • Parappa the Rapper 
  • Gegege No Kitaro


  • Mariko is also the official Japanese voice for Marilyn Monroe.
  • Mukai has also voiced Olive Oyl from the Popeye the Sailorman series and Betty Rubble in the Flintstones series.