Margie Hines New boop a Dooper 1933

Usually it is the young ambitious girl who craves fame on the stage, while the gamily protests.  With Marjorie Hines (Margie Hines) of Freeport the situation is reversed on the eve of 21, slender and shapely to the tilt of 98 pounds, dark hair intriguingly curied around a tiny face and a big baby blue eyes, the young miss, who belongs to the Boop-a-Doop group of entertainers says "Oh, I like the show business, But too many heartaches in it. Too much uncertainty".

Margie Hines

Three years ago the talented Freeport girl who can Boop-a-Doop with the best of the doll-voiced Boop-a-Doopers sprang overnight from the family fireside to place behind the footlights by winning a Helen Kane imitation contest at a local cinema cathedral. She had entered, nervous and hesitant, only at the urging of her mother and uncle.  Today  her family still urge her to take advantage of the opportunities that come her way. And Miss Hines, still heeding them, continues in the theatrical business, with decided leanings to the movies, radio and phonograph recordings. And between auditions and appearances is happy cooking in the family kitchen at 75 N. Bay view Ave and every Monday night playing bridge with friends in Free-port. Her talent at the type of singing made famous by the chubby Helen won Miss Hines after the contest a chance to create the voice of Betty Boop of the movies. She was the original of Betty, who in turn was the original femme in movie cartoons. After that she did a series called Aesop's Fables, imitating goldfish, a cat’s meow or as she said "most anything they wanted me to!" Freeport calls her "Betty" because of the character she played. A boyfriend? In love? Marriage? To the first question she admitted "Yes." To the others she responded with blushes and silence though, later she confessed that sometimes she thinks marriage and domesticity better than a career.

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