Mask-A-Raid is a 1931 cartoon. Betty Boop is queen of the Masquerade Ball. She gets annoyed by the king of the ball. Bimbo does Italian scat singing to confuse the king. Bimbo and the king pull on Betty's arms. Her skirt goes up showing her underwear and her two garters. A little dog  pins the dress. Betty then  flips a coin to see if the king or Bimbo wins her affections, but doesn't work. The king and bimbo fight with wooden swords. Bimbo loses and is taken away by a knight, but Bimbo soon realizes the knight is Betty is disguise. Betty then asks Bimbo what he would say if she married him, Bimbo starts to scat sing and the credits roll.


  • Betty Boop: "Go on scram!"
  • Bimbo: "She's mine!"
  • King: "No she's mine!"


Cast & Crew



  • Was released on the 7th of November in 1931.

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