Maxwell Moviola


Maxwell Moviola







Voiced by

Hamilton Camp

First Appearance

Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery

Last Appearance

Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery

Maxwell Moviola is a character that appears in Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery. Maxwell is the movie director for Moolah Studios. After watching Betty perform Mysterious Rhythm Maxwell asks Betty who she is and tells her that he act is good and that she must call him sometime.  Maxwell is later seen on a Busby Berkeley like set where he is directing a film. After Betty and her friends gate crash his set to save Lola DaVille's diamond necklace from Sam Slade and Miss Green he asks a goldfish who he dubs the "sultry and the silent type" to star in his next film, 20 Thousand Leaks Under the Sink as his leading lady.


  • His film 20 Thousand Leaks Under the Sink is most likely a reference to a Walt Disney production which was directed by Richard Fleischer the son of Max which was entiteld 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
  • His appearance as a famous movie director could possibly be a tribute to Dave Fleischer, as Dave directed most of the early Fleischer cartoons, and was followed in the footsteps of Max's son Richard.