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Melissa Fahn
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Melissa Fahn

Melissa Fahn provides the voice for Betty Boop in the 1989 film The Betty Boop Movie Mystery (also known as Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery). Fahn replaced Desirée Goyette and Mae Questel, who had portrayed Betty a year before in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Melissa Fahn began singing and dancing on stage, her father worked in television production so she was exposed to the world of show business and grew up in the industry. While at her job as a receptionist, her voice caught the attention of a casting director for the feature film, The Betty Boop Movie Mystery. Fahn would later provide Betty's voice between 2005 and 2008, as well as in a few commercials and mobile ringtones. Fahn's replacement in the role was Cindy Robinson.

Known voice work as Betty Boop

How Melissa Fahn Became The Voice of Betty Boop

In her own words:

"So I was working one day and a voice over casting director who worked in the next building over came by to drop off some demos of voice actors for a TV spot. I accept them from her and she said, 'you have a really interesting voice. Have you ever done voice over?' I said, 'No, not yet'. She said, 'I want you to make a tape, anything, you can read from a magazine. Just make a tape and bring it over to my office...' A few days went by and I hadn't done the tape and she called and said, 'we just so happen to be auditioning for the new voice of Betty Boop and I want you to come in.' I went in and met them. Then they called me back. I sang "I Wanna Be Loved By You", read some dialogue for them, and I got it. It was a complete fluke. It was a wonderful, wonderful break for me."

Songs performed as Betty Boop

Other voices

Melissa Fahn has also provided vocal work for:

  • Digimon
  • Blue Dragon
  • Zatch Bell
  • Naruto
  • Invader Zim
  • Bleach


  • Melissa Fahn originally auditoned for the role as Ariel in Disney's The Little Mermaid and was called back many times, but was turned down because she sounded a little too young.  
  •  George Evelyn, the film's director, told a writer of a production company that she wanted to re-create the Fleischer look and did so in part with the help of Richard Fleischer, who supplied materials from the family archives.  Evelyn had wanted to use Mae Questel for Betty's voice, but Questel was busy filming Woody Allen's segment of New York Stories. Evelyn held a series of auditions, and in true "Hollywood" fashion the secretary (Fahn) at the recording studio that was producing copies of the audition tapes had the voice Evelyn wanted.

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