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Morning, Noon and Night


Morning, Noon and Night

 The short opens with a brief live-action segment featuring David Rubinoff and his orchestra. As the cartoon proper begins, a badly hung-over sun (complete with ice-pack on his head) slowly rises over Betty Boop's farm. Betty's farm is a sanctuary for birds, but it is soon threatened by the arrival of the Tom Kat's Social Club, a group of hungry cats looking for an easy meal. They chase a helpless chick back to Betty's farm, who alerts Betty to the danger. The cats initially wreak destruction on the farm, and easily overpower Betty. When the sickly rooster finds out what is happening, he quickly turns into a fighter (boxing gloves and all) and pummels the cats. The other birds join in on the beating, and chase away the hapless cats. The rooster defeats the cat's leader and Betty declares him the winner.


  • Betty Boop: "Fresh!"


  • Betty Boop
  • Chick
  • Birds
  • Chicken
  • Tom Kat's Social Club
  • Rooster

Cast & Crew




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