Speaking of movie stars, who is the most popular film luminary in Hollywood? You're wrong! Betty Boop, the capricious little cartoon lady who appears in those animated screen songs, can be proved without question to be the most popular personage on the screen today by simple expedient of applying all of Hollywood's accepted tests for fame. In the first place, public demand determines the number of pictures in which a star appears each season. Miss Betty will make 18 appearances during the next year. Can even Dietrich or Garbo match that? Moreover, Betty has two leading men in every picture. When that happens to most feminine stars they are flattered. But Betty Boop takes it for granted that Bimbo and Koko will form a background for her talents in each production. Then there is the question of "still pictures, Betty poses for 15,000 of these each week. Enough said. Despite the pinnacle on which she stands, Betty is not a bit up -stage. She has graciously granted interviews to fan magazines and newspapers and her tremendous fan mail was directly responsible for her elevation to stardom. But we forget, Betty has an other claim to fame. She is the only film star who wears fewer clothes than Jean Harlow.