"Movie Star Island"


In the far off south pacific,

In an equatorial climb.

There's a beautiful isle,

Where movie stars while,

Away their leisure time.

On movie star island,

The movie stars play.

They lie on the beach and,

Drink coolers all day.

Each night there's a luau,

And that's where they dine.

The only thing missing is,

The hollywood sign!

I'll have a chat with Groucho,

In a diner by the sea.

Where Tallulah,

Does the hula,

Every afternoon at three!

So there we'll go there,

When I am a star!

And your invited,

Ooh! Just come as you are.

I'll serve you bananas with coconut cream,

On movie star island,

Where life is just a dream.

Oooh! Play it Bimbo, play it!

We'll take a free merry,

And go as a crew.

To movie star island where, 


A Hollywood dream! 

A Hollywood dream!