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 Myron's Mother

Voiced by

 Jack Mercer

First Appearance

Happy You and Merry Me

Last Appearance

The Lost Kitten

Myron is a character that appears in Happy You and Merry Me and Pudgy and the Lost Kitten. He eats a box of chocolates in Happy you and Merry Me and becomes sick, but is nursed back to health by Betty Boop and Pudgy. In Pudgy and the Lost Kitten, Myron is hungry and is taken in by Betty, who showers him with love and forgets all about Pudgy. Pudgy ends up getting annoyed with Myron and goes looking for the latter's mother, who then takes Myron back home with her.


  • Myron's name is a reference to Fleischer Studios animator Myron Waldman. Mae Questel was the one who named the cat Mryon as a personal joke on Waldman, whom she had worked beside for years. (Information provided by Myron Waldman's wife Rosalie Waldman)
  • Myron gets lost in both of his appearances.
  • Myron's mother calls out to him by his name in both episodes.

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