Mysterious Mose


Mysterious Mose

Betty Boop is startled awake in her bed on a stormy night. She searches for the cause of the shock while she sings "That's Mysterious Mose". Then, unexplainable phenomena start happening in the house. Mysterious Mose (Bimbo) appears, and sings part of the song. Bizarre cartoon creatures appear and, at first, sing and enhance Mose's "mysterious" image. Quickly, however, the antics become frightful even to Mose. The film escalates into chaos, which ends when Mose bursts, revealing him having been a construction (full of cogs and springs) the whole time.



Cast & Crew




  • Was released on the 26th of December in 1930.
  • Unlike her appearance in Dizzy Dishes, Betty is shown to have tanned skin in both The Bum Bandit and Mysterious Mose.
  • Betty's voice is provided by Little Ann Little, who was signed up to do the voice after the premiere of Dizzy Dishes.
  • The episode was given a shout out in the animation Over the Garden Wall, where a Betty Boop-like Inn Keeper performs a song enitled "The Beast Song", which is similar to the song featured in Mysterious Mose; the "Oooh's" sung by the Inn Keeper during her song are similar to Betty's in "That's Mysterious Mose".  

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