"Mysterious Mose"



There's a man of mystery that's roaming through the land,


Far and near you hear of him, he's found on every hand,


Every city, town and village knows of him by now,

There's a way to recognize him, let me tell you how.

If your past that midnight dark by a graveyard goes,

And someone whistles,


That's Mysterious Mose!

Of on a dark and stormy night, while the tempest blows,

If someone whistles,


That's Mysterious Mose!

He sees all, he knows all, he gets in everywhere,

Some night, he might wait for you upon the stair!

So when you're going down the cellar, walk upon your toes,

And if someone whistles,


That's Mysterious Mose!

Everybody's talking of me everywhere you go,


Who I am or what I am nobody seems to know,


In the mountains, at the seashore, anywhere at all,

Anytime of day or night you'll have to hear me call.

That's Mysterious Mose!


Mysterious Mose by Betty Boop02:43

Mysterious Mose by Betty Boop


  • "Mysterious Mose" is a song from 1930 which was first performed by Walter Doyle and his Orchestra. The song has been recorded numerous times. In the cartoon Mysterious Mose, it was performed by Little Ann Little, who was signed up after the premiere of Dizzy Dishes.

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