Negro Booper (1938) Gertrude Saunders Helen Kane and Betty Boop 1938

Gertrude Saunders turns in a splendid performance as Mag of the Hall Johnson folk drama "Run Little Chillun." which opened Frida night at the Mayan Theatre.

No novice to the stage, Miss Saunders has a long record with Negro musical comedies and was the only Negro ever featured in the Hertig and Seamon shows which played an eastern burlesque circuit.

She starred in "Shuffle Along" as a leading character did specialities in "Runnin Wild Blackbirds" of 29 and also starred in "Liza" and "Lucky Sambo".

On the Pantages circuit Miss Saunders included Clarence Robinson producer of Cotton Club shows and Bert Adams in her act.

She (Gertrude) figured prominently at the "Boop-a-Doop" trial of Helen Kane and Betty Boop, both of whom claimed to have originated the funny twist which became a radio rage.

For Gertrude declared that it was she who actually started "Boop Poop-a-Dooping" before either of them.

Prior to coming to the Negro Unit of Federal Theatres Project. Miss Saunders was a feature attraction at the Hollywood Kit-Kat nite clubs.

She is remembered on the Eastside as a star of the Apex and Alabam nite club shows.