Nippon Betty Boop
Nippon Betty Boop




Nippon Betty Boop (ニッポン・ベティ・ブープ) known as Alyce/Alice Hamada, (アリス浜田) was a Japanese artist who used to perform in the Betty Boop style of singing. From 1929 to 1940, she used to perform as a singer and dancer in Japan along with her sister, Lila Hamada. Alice went on to record several songs in the US from 1934 to 1937; her recordings are sung in both English and Japanese. Most of Hamada's songs were recorded before World War II. Betty Boop was a popular character in Japan in the early 1930s until the Second World War where Betty an American animated icon alongside Mickey Mouse and Popeye were considered enemies which can be seen in various Japanese posters.



  • The background music was played by the Columbia Jazz Band.
  • Other artists that sung in a similar style to Alice Hamada were Lila Hamada and Nina Hamada, who were Alice's sisters, and were featured on one of her recordings. Others included Helen Sumita, Margaret Yuki, Mimi Himyajima, Cherry Miyano and Hirai Eiko, most of them from the ages of 8-17 and were dubbed nursery rhyme singers.
  • Several of the artists' recordings were released in 2011 on a CD entitled (オ人形タイナ).
  • Nippon Betty Boop (Alice Hamada) was given a shout-out by a singer known as Betty Yuzu (ベティゆず), who decided to cover Hamada's pre-war recording of "I'm Nobody's Baby".