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Nippon Betty Boop
Nippon Betty Boop



 Nippon Betty Boop (ニッポン・ベティ・ブープ) known as Alyce/Alice Hamada, (アリス浜田) was a Japanese artist who used to perform in the Betty Boop style of singing. From 1929-1940 she used to perform as a singer and dancer in Japan along with her sister Lila Hamada. Alice went on to record several songs in the US from 1934-1937, her recordings are sung in both English and Japanese.



  • The background music were played by the Columbia Jazz Band.
  • Other artists that sung in a similar style to Alice were Lila Hamada & Nina Hamada who were Alice's sisters, and were featured on one of her recordings. Others were Helen Sumita, Margaret Yuki, Mimi Himyajima, Cherry Miyano & Hirai Eiko, most of them were from the ages of 8-17.
  • Several of the artists recordings were released in 2011 on a CD entitled オ人形タイナ.
  • Nippon Betty Boop (Alice Hamada) was given a shout-out by a singer known as Betty Yuzu (ベティゆず) who decided to cover Alice Hamada's pre-war recording of I'm Nobody's Baby.


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