Original Betty Boop Girl Heads Revue At Bay Store (1935)

Little Ann Little has big supporting cast over weekend. Little Ann Little the original Betty Boop girl, was the feature of the second of the series of weekend musical revues being given each Saturday and Sunday afternoon and evening at the Bay Shore Theatre. Betty "Boop, Boop-e-Dooped" to the accompaniment of the Paramount Orchestra and a film depicting one of the Betty Boop comedies and at each performance of big husky he-man from the audience - not a member of the cast was rewarded for his attendance by a kiss from Betty over the footlights. The kissing episode a real catch as catch can affair, entertained the audiences as much as the revenue itself. The Betty Boop girl was supported by an excellent cast of dancers, singers, and fun-makers. One of the outstanding skits on the show was the performance of "Chickie, The Wonder Hose." Chuckie who looked rather lean in some sports did some remarkable dancing with all four feet.