In the Betty Boop series Betty is always placed in a different environment. The same applies to Betty's home as the character is always moving home as seen in Bimbo's Express where Betty moves around the corner from her previous home.


Vaudeville was a theatrical genre of variety entertainment popular in the US & Canada from the early 1880s until the early 1930s. Betty Boop was a character that has appeared in many Vaudeville shows in her cartoon series, two best known cartoons would be Silly Scandals & Stopping the Show. This Vaudeville stage in the Betty Boop cartoon is from the 1936 cartoon entitled The Little King.


Ye Olde Quainte Coffee Pott

In On with the New Betty works in the Coffee Pott washing dishes and cooking food until she has had enough and quits her frustrating job.

Ye Olde Quaint Coffee Shop

Bundle from Heaven Nursery

Bundle From Heaven Nurseery

Prof Grampy's Animal Aid

In Be Human Grampy owns a Animal Aid in which he fights for the rights of Animals. 

Prof Grampy's Animal Aid Society

Big Invention Show 

In Betty Boop's Crazy Inventions Betty, Bimbo & Koko present their own show where they demonstrate a variety of gadgets such as The spot remover, The cheese snuffer, The soup silencer , The sweet corn regulator, The voice recorder & The self threading sewing machine.

Big Invention Show

Junior's Bedroom

In Baby Be Good, Betty can be seen babysitting her nephew Junior's Bedroom attempting to put him to sleep. After Betty has told him a fairy tale he goes back to sleep. It is presumed that this is not Betty's house in fact it is owned by one of her relatives. (Most likely the parent or parents of Junior)

Junior's Bedroom

Theatre in Japan

In A Language All My Own Betty visits a theatre in Japan where she can be seen performing one of her hit songs.

Theatre in Japan

Ghost's Hut

In Is My Palm Read Betty is taken captive by ghosts on a deserted island until she is rescued by Bimbo the dog.

Ghosts Hut

Imperial Opera House

In Betty Boop and The Little King, The Little King and his wife the Queen can be seen watching a opera show, but the Little King sneaks out and ends up watching Betty perform in her vaudeville show.

Imperial Opera House


In Betty Boop in Making Stars Betty performs in a theatre where she can be seen introducing the stars of tommorow. The theatre seems to state that it is a four star show.

Betty Boop in Making Stars Theatre

Betty Boop's Pet Shop

In Betty Boop and Henry Betty owns her own pet shop where she sells cats,dogs,birds and also her lovable pet pooch Pudgy.

Betty Boop's Pet Shop

Betty Boop's Auto Hospital

In So Does An Automobile Betty Boop owns her very own hospital for sick Automobiles. Betty sings as she restores broke-down taxicabs, high-price limousines and restores a police car with a sore and flat feet. 

Betty Boop's Automobile Hospital

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