Please Don't Make Me Take The Stand In Front Of The Jury

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How-de-ho and hey-de-hay

Look at the boys have brought my way

What did you do are you here to stay

What do you say kid what do you say

 Please don't make me take the stand in front of the jury

I'm not guilty because i never commited a crime

Please don't make me late

Cause you see i'm an actress

I'm on at eight and now it's nearly my time

Please don't make me take the stand in front of the jury

Cause i know i'll surely die in taking the vow

I'm as late as i can be so won't you let me free

 Ha-cha-cha i'll do my best in hand


  • The song is performed by Mae Questel and was written by Lou Fleischer and Sammy Timberg.

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