Rights On Booping 1932

The girl who made Boop-a-Dooping not only famous, but her exclusive property, and worth $250,000 has retained Charles H. Tuttle, former United States District Attorney and Republican candidate for governor, to protect her rights in Boop-a-Dooping.

If anybody can be permitted to Boop-a-Doop, what guarantee has Will Rogers that some scrivening wretch may not start writing articles beginning "All I know is what I see in the papers."

Already the case has resulted in a great public boon. It has furnished a definitiv explanation of just what it is that Helen does. Dramatic reviewers long ago gave up the task, but where critics failed, legal minds have triumphed, as follows:

Miss Kane has played the role of a very young but seductive female who uses in her speeach and songs an exaggerated lisp and a childish voice and manner, which coupled with a mature physique, are calculated to portray a feminine type known as the baby vamp.

She sings songs in a novel manner, consisting of the interpolation at frequent intervals of the sounds "Boop-Boop-a-Doop," or "Boop-Boopa-Do" or "Boop-a-Doop," or similar combinations of such sounds, or simply "Boop" alone, and she as "the Boop girl," or the "Boop-a-Doop girl."

And if Miss Kane should not win $250,000 in cash she will have rest content with $2,500,000 in publicity.