"Puddin Head Jones" is a song written by Al Bryan, with music by Lou Handman. The song was performed by Bonnie Poe in the 1934 Vitaphone short Rambling Round Radio Row.

"Puddin Head Jones"



Puddin Head Jones!

Is fat and funny, Dumber than sticks and stones.

Hmm... that is just why...

The kids all called him, Woodenhead Puddin Head Jones.

Now he couldn't spell constantinople.

And he didn't know beans from bones.

Nor pencils or books, They were never made for, Woodenhead Puddin Head Jones.

Now the teacher told his mother,

She would take him right in hand,

Teach him a thing or two.

Like his older brother,

He began to understand. She taught him how tom Boop-Oop-a-Doop!


All of the kids,

To the teacher carried.

Candy and ice cream cones,


Who'd you think the teacher married?



Puddin Head,

How do you say?

Woodenhead Puddin Head Jones.



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