Radio Show, Starring Local Talent, Given Second Time At Freeport (1932)

The radio program of the Seaman avenue school Parent-Teacher association "Station HULL Broadcasting", was repeated successfully Friday night at the Grove street schol auditorium, Freeport, under the direction of Mr. and Mrs Ralpr Healy. William Roberts acted as announcer. Included in the program were songs by Helen Stevenson, 4 year old radio star; Mrs Marie Matthewson, Ralph Healy, Jules Holze, and William Roberts. A trumpet solo was played by Edward Nickersn and Miss Katherine Dunn gave a recitation. Three one-act dramas were presented on a "Henry and George dc Cigar Hour" with William Roberts, G. L. Drach and Mrs. Jules Hlze in the cast, Miss Pete Healy recited a "Fish Tale." Several numbers were sung by Miss Marjorie Hines, known on the screen as Betty Boop. Peter Franconi of the Light Opera company offered a tenor solo. Jeff Clarkson of Hempstead, composer played three of his own numbers. "Home," "Strangers" and Good-Bye to Love."

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