This article is about the 1938 animated cartoon Sally Swing. See Sally Swing for the character. See Sally Swing for the song.

Sally Swing


Sally Swing

Sally Swing

Sally Swing


 Sally Swing (1938)



 Sally Swing

While auditioning bandleaders for a college swing dance, Betty Boop discovers a cleaning teenage girl who resembles Betty Grable.


  • Betty Boop: "Err, shall we try an Acrobat?"
  • Betty Boop: "A song! That's it a song!"
  • Betty Boop: "How about you? Can you swing it?"
  • Betty Boop: "Can you boys lead a band?"
  • Betty Boop: "No, I'm sorry I want someone who can lead a swing band for the dance tonight."
  • Betty Boop: "I know you're going to love this little swingster and singer of songs--introducing for your enjoyment, the lovely, delightful and talented Sally Swing!"
  • Betty Boop: "Hit it, Sally!"
  • Sally Swing: "Okay!"


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  • Was released on the 14th of October in 1938.
  • Sally Swing was proposed as replacement for Betty Boop. Sally was described as a "modernized", streamlined version of her predecessor. The character however didn't catch on.
  • The Fleischer Studios asked slapstick comedian Martha Raye for her permission to use her mannerism for the character.
  • Sally Swing was revived in the 2016 Dynamite Comic series as Betty's gal pal.
  • Joe Penner's famous catchphrase "Wanna buy a duck?" is referenced in the cartoon.
  • A small clip of Sally singing was uploaded on Rose Marie's official YouTube account in 2014.

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