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Snow White


The Seven Dwarfs are a group of dwarfs that live in a small treehouse. A block ice coffin slips downhill to the home of the seven dwarfs, who carry the frozen Betty into the Mystery Cave.


  • Dwarfs: "Hey now there's a really cool chick!"(Hurray for Betty Boop)
  • Dwarfs: "Let's take her down to the Mystery cave and find out who she is!" (Hurray for Betty Boop)
  • Dwarfs: "Stand tall men this could mean Disney!" (Hurray for Betty Boop)


  • The Dwarfs do not have a speaking role in Betty Boop's Snow White but do in the re-dubbed 1980 cartoon Hurray for Betty Boop.
  • There are many adaptations to the story of Snow White; including animation, film, books, plays, etc.
  • The original Snow White story, written by the Brothers Grimm, did not feature names to any of the dwarfs.
  • The most popular incarnation of the Seven Dwarfs appear in Disney's Snow White. 
  • In Sesame Street, there were different versions of the Seven Dwarfs where each of them was made from an Anything Muppets.
  • In Happily Ever After, it was mentioned that the Seven Dwarfs have opened up a mine in the next kingdom. In their place is the Seven Dwarfelles who have received a power based on nature to help out their boss Mother Nature.
  • The Seven Dwarfs appear in the Shrek series. In Shrek, the Seven Dwarfs appear in the first film carrying Snow White's coffin. When they place the coffin on the table, Shrek says "Oh no! Dead girl off the table." One of the Dwarfs says "Where else are we supposed to put it? The bed's already been taken" as Shrek finds the Big Bad Wolf in his bed.