Singing Dancing Flapper Cats
Dancing Flapper Cats Dizzy Dishes


Dancing Flapper Cats






Voiced by

Margie Hines

First Appearance

Dizzy Dishes

Last Appearance

Dizzy Dishes


The Singing Dancing Flapper Cats are minor characters who appear in Dizzy Dishes. They are a chorus of singing, dancing female cats. They are out of work actors, and can be seen performing the crazy jingle on stage before Betty Boop make's her "Boop" singing debut. The cats also appear at the end of the cartoon where they can be seen dancing behind Bimbo, while he tap dances. The curtains then close on them and Bimbo is then chased by a angry Gus Gorilla.


  • Cats: "Ha-cha-cha-da-da-da-da-da-ha-cha-cha-da-da-da-da!"
  • Cats: "It's crazy jingle, it's easy to do, how your feet tingle before you are through!"


  • Betty Boop performs the same song two years later in the 1932 cartoon entitled Crazy Town.
  • Whilst performing the female singing, dancing cats vocals are backed by men, but there are no male performers to be seen in sight.
  • Their singing voices is provided by Margie Hines, and several uncredited background singers.

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