Taking the Blame


Taking the Blame

Taking the Blame

Taking the Blame


 Taking the Blame (1935)


Betty brings home a cat as a playmate for her pet puppy, Pudgy. The cat manages to get Pudgy blamed for all his misbehavior, including knocking over flower vases, eating chocolates, etc. Betty puts Pudgy outside due to the cat's behavior, but when she comes back into the house, she finds the cat eating all of the fish in her refrigerator. Betty chases the cat with a broom, breaking windows, ceiling lights and pictures in the process. When Pudgy manages to enter the home, he puts a mouse trap on the cat's tail, causing the cat to run into Pudgy's doghouse in panic. When Pudgy puts jail bars on the entry into the doghouse, Betty puts a for sale sign on it and gives Pudgy love.


  • Betty Boop: "Lil Pudgy I have a big surprise for you. I brought you a nice little playmate."


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  • "Sweet Betty"
  • "Love Thy Neighbor"
  • "Take a Number from One to Ten"
  • "Tiger Rag"



  • Was released on the 15th of February in 1935.