Tara Strong
Tara Strong voice actress for Ben Ten and Cartoon Network things


Tara Strong

 Tara Charendoff-Strong is a Canadian voice actress, She began acting in the Yiddish Theater, though she did not know Yiddish. She memorized her lines phonetically. At age thirteen, Strong was accepted into a performing arts school, where she landed her first professional role: the role of Gracie in the Limelight Theater's production of The Music Man. That same year, she booked a guest starring role in Mr. T's and T Afterwards, she landed the title role in Hello Kitty's Furry Tale as Hello Kitty, and most recent Harley Quinn from the Batman franchise. Tara also provided the voice for a Betty Boop knock-off called "Toot Braunstien" who appears in Drawn Together. 

Toot Braunstien

Toot Braunstein is a spoof of Betty Boop, she appears in the cartoon Drawn Together, Toot is a feisty black-and-white former sex symbol who had her glory days in the 1920s.

Tooty Brawnstien

 In one video Tara Strong portrays Toot for a fan and does her Toot-Tooty-Toot routine and then asks if she looks fat.

Tara Strong (Toot) - Do I Look Fat?00:17

Tara Strong (Toot) - Do I Look Fat?


Drawn Together Voice Actor Interviews - Tara Strong (Toot)03:45

Drawn Together Voice Actor Interviews - Tara Strong (Toot)


  • Tara Strong is Jewish.
  • Toot was Tara's most funnest character to play.
  • She has also provided the voice for Olive Oyl in Robot Chicken.
  • Tara Strong is the modern day equivalent to Mae Questel, Tara is also a veteran voice actress.

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