The Colorful 3
The colorful three


The Colorful 3

The Colorful 3 are a trio of stereotyped Black babies singing Cab Calloway's "Hi De Ho". They appear in Making Stars (The short is pretty offensive in the middle) having stereotypical black toddlers singing a prison song, having them lured off the stage with a watermelon prompting the baby in the audience to cry because he wants watermelon as well.


  • They were cut out of the DVD release, and edited to look light skinned in the end sequence where all the babies can be seen drinking out of a large bottle.
  • The backround curtain is a cotton field.
  • A scene where the babies are lured out by a watermelon is a racist stereotype in which states that all African Americans have an unusual appetite for watermelons. (This stereotype has remained prevalent into the 21st century).  


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