"The Hold-Up Rag"



Nan McGrew/Betty Boop:

Mr Engineer

Now look-a-here

There's someone down there on the track


See that wicked eye? 

He's out to do or die

Hear his pistol going crack? 

Hold your watch and chain

And stop the train

Put on the brakes and let her drag. 

For you certainly got to hand it 

To that gentlemanly bandit 

When he makes you do the hold-up rag!


Hands up! Hands up! 

Everybody, hands up! 

Get out and do that hold-up rag! 

Make it snappy there

Go into your dance

Don't you hide that diamond in your pants! 

Easy there

Shell out, shell out! 

Don't you dare to yell out

Drop your pearls and diamonds in the bag

All aboard! 

Look out! It's the hold-up rag!





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