The Listener's Microphone (1935)

Mrs Leah Hooper, New York City. The two characters you refer to in the House of Glass are Bonnie Poe, the current voice of Betty Boop the animated cartoon star' the other is Lea Penman, stage actress.

Mrs Poe is 20 years of age and a native New Yorker. She made her theatrical debut with Borrah Minevitch's Harmonica Rascals. After becoming Betty Boop she toured vaudeville, eventually coming to radio in her present role of Dottie Martin, an out-of-work entertainer who is temporarily juggling trays in Mrs, Glass's hotel.

Miss Penman, a native of Red Cloud, Nebraska has long been a Broadway and stock favorite. She has appeared in many Manhattan stage successes including "Lust for Life" with Marjorie Rambeau' "Many Paths" with Norma Terris and "Comic Artist" with Blanche Yurka. In her present radio engagement she portrays the role of Mrs. Miller, haughty mother-in-law of Miller Miller, the brave young waitress in the summer resort around which the story is built.