The Mystery Cave
The Mystery Cave is the enchanted underground tunnel, full of spooky creatures that lives there.


Betty Boop is seen in her glass coffin, carried on some undulating white mass which morphs into the white beards of the dwarves. Koko follows the coffin, within which Betty Boop can be seen blinking and moving around, while the witch-queen on her broomstick swims through the air in pursuit of Koko. The procession is on a cracked, icy conveyer belt that moves them through the cave. In the background, spooky, skeletal figures illustrate the song as Koko/ Cab sings it. We see a skeleton in a model-T, with a dead policeman directing traffic, dead gamblers, a cow-like dead chorus girl and so on, all drawn in meticulous detail. (You will notice something new in this background every time you watch the cartoon). Meanwhile, fish skeletons and other eerie shapes are flying and swooping around as the figures advance through the cave.

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